The UPSC mains GS -4 paper of Ethics is one of the major components of UPSC syllabus.Human behaviour is often a very complex one. One's Aptitude changes the way a person's character is shaped.Its very different from Attitude. Correct aptitude helps civil servant to act and communicate effectively with the society.


  • Aptitude
  • Attitudes Vs Aptitude
  • Atributes of good admiistrator


An aptitude is a component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level, which can also be considered ' talent". Et is the ability to deal with aspects of the environment and to perform a particular behaviour, Aptitudes may be physical or mental. Aptitude is also defined as the aptness or quickness to succeed fn a specific field of activity. It is a present condition that is indicative of individual s potentialities for future, Thus, aptitude implies the prediction about the individual's future performance


  • Attitude is Ihe manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc, with regard to a person or thing. It is the way you think about any particular person or thing. 'Aptitude' is a capability or talent innate or acquired for performing some particular task.

  • Altitude has to do with the character and aptitude has to do with competence. Character is relatively permanent whereas
    aptitude can be changed and developed.

  • In public administration, the difference may be understood by the following example: An administrator may be very good in problem solving (aptitude part) but may have the tendency to procrastinate the decisions (attitude part). Also, an administrator may have a good aptitude in resolving the communal issues (aptitude part) but may have a negative attitude towards a particular minority (attitude part) which will naturally influence his overall decisions.


  • Willingness to assume responsibility,
  • A steadily enlarging ability to deal with more problems.
  • A strong bent toward action.
  • A good listener,
  • Effective with people.
  • Capacity to build his own strength by building the competence of his organization.
  • Capacity to use his institutional resources,
  • Avoiding using power or authority for their own sake.
  • Welcoming reports of troublesome things.
  • A good team-worker.
  • A good initiator

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