The UPSC civil services exam is one of the most competitive exams conducted in India. It is attempted by lakhs of candidates every year. However, only a fraction of those come out with flying colours in the end. Clearing this exam gives an entry into the prestigious civil services of the country. As soon as the IAS results are announced, the UPSC toppers gain limelight in the country.The IAS toppers serve as an inspiration to thousands of young people who aspire to clear the Civil Services Exam.


IAS topper Akshat Jain, Rank 2 in the IAS exam 2019, is an IIT Guwahati graduate in design. He prepared the general studies by himself and took the coaching for his optional subject Anthropology.

IAS Topper Akshat Jain, in various interviews and interactions, shared his IAS preparation strategy for the future candidates to follow and succeed. He stressed that every candidate must develop a vision for the IAS preparation and then prepared his strategy.

He stressed that the candidates must prepare his own IAS strategy by taking inputs from various IAS toppers of previous years. He stated that every candidate has his or her unique position and he or she should design his or her preparation strategy accordingly. He said that the IAS exam tests the experience of the candidate.


He mentioned about the three pillars of his IAS preparation strategy.

  1. Preparing short notes
  2. Answer writing
  3. Self-Evaluation and Analysis

Preparing Short notes

During his IAS preparation, Akshat prepared Short notes on every topic written in the IAS syllabus. He stressed the importance of IAS syllabus and previous year question papers very much. The candidates must refer to the previous year question papers while preparing the quick notes.

He stressed that there are two components attached to each topic- static and dynamic. The static portion of the topic can be covered from the standard textbooks and the dynamic part must be covered from the current affairs.

Importance of Revision

He said that short notes and revision time is interlinked. He stressed that the self-made short notes are very important for the IAS exam because various rounds of revision are required in the IAS exam. Each time these composite notes will be helpful and save a lot of time. These short notes combine the static and dynamic component of the topic in one place and are easy to revise the whole topic in one place.

Answer Writing Practice

IAS topper Akshat Jain said that the answer writing practice is the most important component in scoring good marks in the IAS main exam. He started the IAS main answer writing from day one of his preparation.

He started by writing the answers on the Current Affairs topic and gradually moved to the optional and other general studies topics. He suggests that the candidates should also write the answers in the initial stage itself.

He prepared every IAS topic by studying it, preparing the notes of it and writing the answers to the related questions of previous years IAS question papers and questions taken from other sources.

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