UPSC Prelims Exam Strategy for paper 1 - General Studies


  • First and the basic most important notes making part -If you don’t make notes and revise, you might not be able to retain them effectively. If you genuinely understand a topic and want to expand your knowledge and/or build more perspective, reading more books can certainly help.
  • Go back to previous year question papers and revise as many as possible. This is your key to understand the mind set of the examiner. Try to figure out the source of the majority of questions. Make a list of certain topics or conventional type of questions that are being repeatedly asked by UPSC.
  • Consolidate your current affairs - Spend around 1- 2 hours daily to note down news paper and also make notes, which can be revised on the last day
  • Makes factual notes from the NCERTs and keep them from revising at the last moment
  • Make a good time table with macro/micro targets - Study a high quality 7-8 hours every single day in the beginning. Increase it up to 10 or 12 hours for the last 10 - 15 days before Prelims exam
  • Have a productive, happy routine - Go out once or twice in a fortnight  with your friends and spend some time  for  2-3 hours or so, this will help you refresh and get back to your studies with positve spirit. It is very important to get out of the house and not become a book worm.
  • A good quality test Series is always helpful


Tips to Prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Prelims CSAT Paper

 Devote your maximum time for the preparation of your GS Paper I but allot a one hour slot for the preparation of GS Paper-II I;e CSAT paper. As compared to Paper I, the CSAT is defined and can easily be prepared if you dedicate one hour for its preparation daily.

 Identify your Weakest Area in the problem solving area - For identifying your weakest subject, you can solve previous year papers of UPSC Civil Service Exams. This will not only help you in the practice but also know your strong and weak areas.

Time Management - While attempting the practice papers it is necessary that you take into consideration the time you spend in solving each question. One should practice more to reduce the average time spent on solving a question.

Identify your Strong Subjects - It is recommended that once a candidate knows his strong subjects, he/she should solve questions from that section first. This will not only help them feel confident about their preparation but also assess their performance and not panic if stuck on a tricky question.

Strategy to Prepare Comprehension - 

comprehension are asked in a considerate level in CSAT paper, aspirants end up losing 30-40 precious marks in the comprehension section which makes all the difference

 Make Reading a Part of Your Day

The best way to prepare for the comprehension section is to read a lot.

  • Read the Editorial Section of the Newspaper daily ( Use this to make notes for paper one also)
  • Weekly Magazines Kurukshetra and Yojana

Read  until you are able to get the meaning of the editorial completel and make notes of it also try to write down the words which you dont understand with the meaning . this will help you understand the complexity or subject matter that may be difficult to understand other wise. the regular and sincere effort will make help in solving comprehension.